Benefits of a Slow Digesting Protein 2017-01-09 – Posted in: Blog

In the last post about proteins we had a simple breakdown of why some people should choose Whey Protein.

You can read that post here

As we covered in the previous post Whey Protein is superior to the other types of protein in that it digests extremely fast. For post workout recovery it is an easy choice to make.

But what about supplying the body through the day or over night?

When the body is not in a recovery or post workout situation, whey on its own is a poor choice. Think of whey protein as a “simple protein” or one that is absorbed very quickly. It’s great if you want a rapid influx of amino peptides, such as right after a workout when you want to jumpstart your recovery. It’s bad for the rest of the day, unless you want to be consuming whey protein every hour.

What your body doesn’t utilize right away, has to be dealt with in other ways.

Excess amino acids (such as you would get from consuming more whey protein than you immediately need) are converted to sugar by the liver to use as energy. After your body gets its immediate needs met, having leftover whey amino peptides converted for energy can leave your muscles “naked” or devoid of nitrogen for hours until the next meal.

Nitrogen is the essential element provided to your muscle by amino acids.

So What Should I do?

Consider combining your Whey Protein drink with other foods. Having a whey drink with some flax seed and a baked potato is a great way of providing your body with a more complex nutrient supply and will slow the rate of absorption in the stomach and intestine. If you need to keep the calories as low as possible, or are in a situation where you can only have a drink, consider having a CASIEN protein or a protein powder that is a combination of Whey and Casein.

Think of casein as the “complex” or slowly absorbed protein.

Casein is digested slowly and forms a gel that travels through your gut slowly. That translates to the amino acids in casein being taken up gradually instead of all at once. That makes it perfect as an ingredient (along with whey and other proteins) for meal replacements.

And perfect for consumption right before bedtime, if a slow digesting protein is required and you are trying to keep calorie intake as low as possible.

Slow Digesting Protein is the choice for you.